"... a wall" refers to any situation where someone does something to (abuse, tear down, hump) a wall, and someone (usually Litzi) tastelessly links it to Wall the bushbaby.

Tear down a wall Edit

laughing annelid (11:45:44 PM): And, uh, with anger and sex they're pretty much controlled by the same set of regions in the brainn.
laughing annelid (11:46:13 PM): Which is why the concept of the "Thanatos" and "Eros" drives are seen as flip sides of the same coin.
flingintoalake (11:46:14 PM): hahahha
Uber Technology (11:46:22 PM): EROSjlksdf
flingintoalake (11:46:25 PM): Jak: *tears down a wall*
laughing annelid (11:46:27 PM): Thanatos being the urge to kill, eros being the urge to have sex.
flingintoalake (11:46:29 PM): Jak: *humps it*
Uber Technology (11:46:32 PM): wall: D8
flingintoalake (11:46:32 PM): Jak: >(
flingintoalake (11:46:35 PM): kASDJfhldhkfjklsdhfjksdjkfhskd
BiteMyValkyrie (11:46:38 PM): Lmao.
laughing annelid (11:46:38 PM): LOL
DaPutts (11:46:39 PM): LOL
lucy has wings (11:46:40 PM): gjslfsdf
lucy has wings (11:46:41 PM): /snorts
flingintoalake (11:46:42 PM): MASTERSTROKE
Uber Technology (11:46:47 PM): /bows
BiteMyValkyrie (11:46:51 PM): Ohgod, my brain.
sammywhatammy (11:46:51 PM): djfhlgkjsd
sammywhatammy (11:46:52 PM): ilu Otana
lucy has wings (11:46:54 PM): masterstroke?
laughing annelid (11:46:58 PM): amazing
laughing annelid (11:47:00 PM): /applause

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