daishutian: (5:28:28 PM) wow, Albany must be bomb proof
Kadabralin: (5:28:39 PM) ikr
Kadabralin: (5:29:10 PM) oh look horses how is this possible
Kadabralin: (5:29:16 PM) there are no rabid crazy insects?
daishutian: (5:29:25 PM) DO NOT QUESTION ALBANY
Kadabralin: (5:29:25 PM) no man eating cochroaches?
Kadabralin: (5:29:31 PM) FUCK ALBANY
Kadabralin: (5:29:50 PM) we should all move to albany
blackmesasol: (5:29:57 PM) ttly
daishutian: (5:29:58 PM) ...
Kadabralin: (5:29:58 PM) that way if america gets bombed, we'll be safe
daishutian: (5:30:02 PM) the boat is ALBANY
blackmesasol: (5:30:06 PM) OH SHI--
Kadabralin: (5:30:06 PM) LOLOL
blackmesasol: (5:30:17 PM) Albany needs a wiki page
daishutian: (5:30:36 PM) do realize it will be a 3 person joke
blackmesasol: (5:30:54 PM) three people is more than the norm around here
daishutian: (5:30:59 PM) I suppose
daishutian: (5:31:06 PM) *to the wiki*

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