December 7th





Alex is not the first of her namekin to be on the failboat and will not be the last, but she is definitely the Alexiest of them all! Located in northern Canadaland, she is well-versed with waging snowarfare and makes a wicked snowfort. Contrary to popular belief, she does not melt in the sun (see: Roy, roommate) and can actually see dead people. They're everywhere! Usually in the graveyards.

Current CharactersEdit

Bartimaeus: This smartass djinni joins us from the pages of the Bartimaeus Trilogy (soon to be a tetralogy; looking at you, September 2010). His favour things include mocking magicians and making footnotes. HE LIKES FOOTNOTES, OKAY?

The Prince: Title and unnamed character of Prince of Persia (2008) and yet ANOTHER of Nolan North's MANY VOICES. Hobbies include parkouring it up and searching for his donkey.

Eric Northman: A thousand year old vampire from True Blood (where softcore + vampires = win) who owns a trendy bar and thinks texting is an acceptable human invention. He also has a bit of a complex regarding his sunicidal maker, Godric.

Dropped CharactersEdit


Future Characters?Edit

This list could very well be larger than Bartimaeus's ego if left unchecked. HAVE THE SHORTLIST. No guarantees that the Alex will app any of these, but they definitely do ping her.

Tallahassee of Zombieland notoriety.

The Arbiter of Halo 2/3 Flood plague-ishness.

Dominic Santiago of Gears of War badassery.

Kostya of tiny!adorable!Night Watch novelry.

Metis of sister-complex Persona 3-ness.

This list changes ALL THE TIME. If asked in early May, Alex would have laughed about apping a True Blood character. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED THEN. (Blame Roy.)


- Lives with Roy and undertakes crazy shenanigans at all hours of the day.

- Is a hardcore Gears of War fan; if you're not playing on Insane, you're not playing with Alex.

- Adds to the queer quota of the failboat by being a lesbian.

- Drives a sexy blue car when not catching a ride in Roy's badass one.

- Does not know the meaning of "low volume" when playing music.

- Is not ACTUALLY Roy; P-mod has confirmed this!

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