Sinking-ship This character is no longer on the boat. But they do have a rather lovely page, don't you think?

Alice "Boo" O'Connor
Entertainment Director




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Human... maybe


English, Cantonese, and Spanish, though her primary language is English.


1117 (Deck 03)





Alice is a petite woman. She’s five feet tall and slight. She wears her dark hair long, fringed with bangs. Curious brown eyes and a penchant for bright colors give the impression of a kitten fallen into a paint bucket; it’s not unusual to find pieces of multicolored string tied into her hair, around her wrists, or hanging from the katana worn on her back.

Background: Edit

Alice is the genetically engineered clone of two super-soldiers.NO WAIT THERE’S MORE, really. She was created by a government program as a weapon to be used against the pair of them. Imprinted with her mission at from birth, she was on the job the moment she was ‘rescued’ from the program by her fathers.

She was raised in a Utopian society of about three hundred people by both her fathers. Her childhood was happy and educational; she was taught to fight, value information and education, and enjoy her life. She grew up without realizing that the government that had created her was using her to collect information on her fathers...

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