Andrew Wells
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English/Various demon languages


6208 (Deck 7)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer





Andrew Wells is on a boat!

Canon Information Edit

Abilities/Powers: Andrew is something of an expert on demons. He can read and speak a myriad of demon languages from his world and he has the ability to summon demons with music. Outside of that, he has no real power. He's physically weak and socially awkward. However, he knows almost every bit of trivia about every piece of science fiction or fantasy out there. He's no sorcerer, but he's found recently that he can cast spells (somewhat) successfully, too.

Strength: Demonology. If it has something to do with demons, Andrew knows it. Also, friendliness. Aside from his habit of telling lies or stretching the truth, Andrew is extremely friendly towards just about anyone.

Weakness: Physically rather weak. Never in his life has Andrew been able to hold his own in a fight. His usual method of defense is the good ol' cower and cry. On top of this, he's rather emotional, prone to tears in many situations; fear, usually. Also, at the end of moving films.

Personality: Andrew's major personality trait is that he's a storyteller. Whether it's to make himself seem like a better or more impressive person or to fill a gap for something he simply doesn't know, Andrew's very prone to making up stories or stretching the truth. Even though his lying has gotten him into big trouble previously, in this new setting with people that have never known him, he's reverted to his old habit.

Desperate to be accepted and liked, Andrew often goes out of his way to strike up conversation or be friendly towards people. He's never truly hated a person his entire life, even when he was a super villain. He just can't find it in his heart to be hateful.

However, this may very well contribute to Andrew's extreme gullibility. Andrew is very trusting and that trust once led him to do unspeakable things. Never mind it was his best friend who abused that trust.

Extra: He's canonically gay, however he hasn't quite come to that realization yet.

Elegante Edit

Deaths: None... yet.

Warnings & Punishments: Andrew is a good kid!

Relationships Edit

Other Stuff, Links Edit


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