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About Edit

Like sci-fi, aliens, video gaming, and drawing. That's it. She also has a thing for fictional characters and is prone to making bad typos. Wants to be a concept artist when she grows up!

Current Characters Edit

Gideon: (OC) A steampunk-styled drummer who was whisked from his band onto the Elegante while he was sleeping. Although he's initially not too happy about the sudden departure from his friend's side, he is quickly adjusting and getting used to his surroundings. He's a friendly guy, really, and enjoys meet new people so long as they are not overly vain and do not enjoy hurting others for their own amusement.

Ripa 'Moramee: (Halo; Halo Wars) A pissy arrogant alien of the Sangheili race who was brought aboard the Elegante right before his canon date of death. He's incredibly angry that his weapons, shielding, and camo are all either missing or malfunctional. A lethal, powerful warrior trained to kill, it's best not to pick a fight with him, because you won't get out of it easily.

Christopher Johnson: (District 9) (DROPPED) Careful and reserved, Christoper is a Poleepkwa. He does not understand why he's on the Elegante and chalks it up to being the work of MNU at first. Surprisingly expressive and kind and ace at technology, he can lock and hack posts with ease and wants to find a way back to his son above all else.

Random Edit

  • Anodyne's former online alias was "Ryst".
  • Anodyne is an actual word:
Anodyne (noun): anything that relieves distress or pain.
  • As the alias, Anodyne is actually a purposeful mispronunciation. The actual word is pronounced [an-uh-dahyn], while the alias should be pronounced [an-oh-dine].

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