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Aryanna Reighan Mourin
This is Aryanna Reighan Mourin











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Aryanna is in her mid 20s and is a tall, voluptuous African American with creamy chocolate skin and stand at a mean 5'9 1/2”. She worked manual labor jobs and has received a fit, muscle-defined body for her hard work. The only tidy feature would be her hair that she keeps straight and a medium length ending above her shoulders. She has deep, brown eyes, almost black with a black, leather eyepatch that covers her scarred eye. She has long, piano player fingers with short, dirty nails that ache from nervous chewing.

Very clever and sarcastic, she's very quick on her feet for being so large and defends herself well from rough-housing brothers. She has a pretty remarkable vocabulary from all her book reading and a natural ear for music. She can handle almost any computer trouble with ease.

Canon Information Edit

Ary is a normal, boring college student and working 2 jobs to meet her tuition needs. Hating her upbringing and social status, she aspired to become something more important than just another face in the crowd.

She grew up in a bit of a backwards home, raised by her two older brothers who kept her safe from druggie dad and crazy mom. She was pretty defenseless by herself at a young age and the night when her mother blinded Ary in the left eye, her brothers left taking her with them.

When she was old enough, there wasn't time to be with friends during her work schedule, mainly manual labor jobs, and school schedule. Working her butt off, and with the support of two brothers, she attends college for her degree in Computer Engineering. It's difficult to stay in school but with so many hoping she's successful, she has no other desire than graduation.

Interests include reading, cooking, eating, sleeping and boys taller than her. She HATES pirate jokes. Don't make them. Death falls upon those with pirate jokes.

Elegante Edit

You are here.

Relationships Edit

Kage: Gay for

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