Ashelin Praxis
Hottie Hot Hottie




Woman w/ Strap-On




Havenite / Elf / Whatever




2466 (Deck #11)


Jak 2: [Renegade]


I'm not your average woman.





Canon Information Edit

Bitch is crazy.

And she has a penis.

And killer T&A. Just ask Daxter.

Elegante Edit

She's on a boat.

She hates it on the boat.

She drinks a lot because she hates it on the boat.

She's threatened to off herself because she hates it on the boat.

What the fuck. Let's just say she's really unhappy.

Apparently she just needed to get laid to be happy. Wtf is that all about.

We lied. She's still unhappy.

She's just happier than she was.

Relationships Edit

Daxter: (○) Orange rat. Where / when the fuck did he come from?

Erol: (◙◙◙◙) Commanding officer. He's still alive.

Jak: (○○○○) A good example of stamina in a young man. Ashelin will kill for him.

Kleiver: (○) Mercenary? Don't know much about this guy. Confirms this whole "Baroness" thing.

Phoenix: (○○○○) Captain. Charming. Not her type. Ashe likes him a whole hell of a lot. They got something special going on.

Razer: (◙◙◙◙) Racer. Friends with Erol. Generally keep away.

Tess: ('○○○○') She's like the little sister. Where skies are grey, Tess is a rainbow. Don't touch Tess or she'll eat your heart. >F

Torn: (○○○○) Partner. Lover. He's Ashe's everything. There are going to be wedding bells in the future.

Bryn: (○) Ashe doesn't know what to make of her.

Herz: (○○) Guy stutters a lot. He's a real sweetheart, though.

Kage: (◙◙) First Mate. Arrogant. Cocky. Guy's sort of a dumb ass.

Lily: (○○○) What. She likes cupcakes. And Ashe. Ashe will kill for her too.

Remy: (○○) Bartender. Ashe likes him. A lot more than she lets on. Fuck yeah.

Sal: (○○) Herz's best friend. He likes Sal-Ashelin-Friend-Time.

Other Stuff, Links Edit

Rock the fuck on, Mar lovers.

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