Ship Doctor
Autonomous Medical Unit 92-XG-3


"XG," "AMU" or "Amu," "doctor," "the med robot" or "that horrible thing"










Binary; ship Common. XG can acquire other languages from a database easily, if it sees the need to.


1101, Deck 3


Spyke & other assorted robots





"He looks like a praying mantis fucked a microwave..."

XG is approximately 6' on a normal day, though if it extends its legs it can put on an impressive amount, given how much there is to unfold. The legs are digitigrade-style with treads built in to the front of the middle segment. Essentially, XG can choose to walk flat-footed or fold its legs into a triangle-shaped brace and roll around. Wheels are easier, but XG will not be hampered by stairs. Resting upon its treads, AMU is shortest.

The head does not have human morphology, but a series of lenses mounted on a flexible neck. XG has some extremely powerful manipulator arms - the better to hold struggling lifeforms - and a couple smaller ones, typically tucked into the frame out of the way. They can be brought out for more delicate work.  The major arms are capable of bending metal.

Only part of the chassis is covered by red-lined white plates; quite a bit is complex metal framework, particularly the legs and arms. It can be impressive to watch it unfold and maneuver to check the physical condition of a "subject."

AMU is a genuine AI, not merely a machine; it has a personality, and, god help us, free will. It has no intrinsic understanding of pain, no empathy of course, and a rather eccentric emotional matrix. XG does "feel" distress at damage, but it is a far cry from nerve pain, which it has spent a great deal of time observing in organic life forms.


Being a robot, XG can overpower most organic lifeforms. It might have trouble with the cyborgs though - after all it was designed to wrangle terrified humans, not fight in wars. Unlike most biological life forms, it could probably do SOME damage before it was disabled, if it had to.

But that's not what it's here for now.

XG does of course have a frighteningly detailed knowledge of human injuries and afflictions. Just don't ask how it acquired all that knowledge, you won't like the answer.

Much of AMU's structure is dedicated or multipurpose medical implements - it has compartments and tubing for liquid dosage, sensors for neurological activity, hyposprays (aka jet injectors), etc.  Don't be surprised if it pulls something creative out of there.


AMU has an androgynous voice, though it can modulate this to either a male or female tone if necessary for psychological effect. This makes assigning pronouns rather difficult, for those who feel the need to do so.

XG's speech programming is not quite used to certain terms. You may notice that the tonal inflection shifts upon expressions or vocabulary words it is not accustomed to utilizing. Or maybe it is just thinking of putting another word there...



Crew Members
Autonomous Medical Unit 92-XG-3Baijznyherglert'allalax SempotyllallalligrfturgGuy MannKageMeth RezzaSiran Vahe LevonWei Meifeng Al-Mekto

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