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Baron Praxis
Grand Protector of Haven City








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Jak & Daxter


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Baron Praxis is a bigface meanie pants who drove the entirety of Haven City to drink. He tried to play ding-dong-ditch on the Metal Heads one time too many, so they ruined his face.

No But Seriously. Edit

Baron Praxis betrayed Jak's father, Damas, leaving him in the Wasteland to die. He then took over the administration of Haven City himself, utilizing the brutal Krimzon Guard to quell any dissent and enforce his strict policies. Haven City is strewn with his gaudy PR, including neon signs, posters encouraging citizens to "obey," loudspeakers blaring an announcement loop, and a statue that dwarfs most buildings portraying himself atop a pedestal emblazoned with his crest.

Quite a lot of expense for an impoverished city with sprawling, crowded slums.

In-city, Praxis is known most notably for the Dead Town incident - where Metal Heads broke through the old city walls; he ordered the Krimzon Guard to pull back, locking the unfortunates left outside to die - and for trading Eco with the Metal Heads. After his old Commander Torn left to join the Underground, he promoted Erol, who promptly used his position to terrorize at will.

The Baron is primarily responsible for the Dark Warrior Project, which turned Jak into the cheerful figure we all know and love.

Oh yes and he has a daughter named Ashelin. Details.

Elegante Edit

Arrival: Praxis arrives on the boat and instantly shoots himself in the foot.

Oh, Jak: Then he runs off and gets himself killed by Jak. AWESOME.

Furious backpedaling: Attempting to remove the foot from his mouth. Most of the boat is too cynical to buy his PR.

Cave Fun: Praxis visits Jak in the caves. A friendly little shove reopens the wounds Jak sustained in Camp Carnival.

Visiting AMU: Praxis takes Jak to the infirmary. Isn't that nice?

Another Chat: More mind games with Jak.

Words with Erol: Praxis isn't quite so happy over Erol slicing up Herz as his Commander is. Time for a little chat.

Denouncing Erol: Throwing his subordinate to the wolves! Good times for all!

Temper, temper: Praxis sure does like tossing Erol around.

DWP and daughters: "Explaining" Jak to Ashelin.

Surprise visitor: Oh look he's tossing Erol around AGAIN!

Relationships Edit

Jak: Lookit the red laser, go get it boy!

Erol: About to wring his neck

Christine: Will wring HER neck if she doesn't shut up


Link: Gullible, buying the PR

Motoko Kusanagi: Major Bitch

Razer: B|

Other Stuff Edit



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