Batous fashion fail
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Old enough to know better


Sometime in the 20th century


Cyborg human


All of them, pretty much


2272 (Deck 11)


Ghost in the Shell, Oshii movie/novel continuity


A machine in the shape of a man...



Canon information Edit

In 2032 in Japan despite the movies being set in Hong Kong because shut up that's why, a cyborg cop named Batou is extremely mopey because his girlfriend ditched him for a disembodied emergent intelligence three years ago. He attempts to work through it by doting on his dog, quoting pretentiously back and forth with his partner, and shooting up yakuza dens with high-caliber weaponry. None of it works, and he ends the movie no wiser than before as to the nature of self. And getting ditched by said girlfriend again. 846f2ca89d93c5ee6e6b1d06cf7e68ca

Elegante Edit

A bunch of stuff happened, but then he forgot it when he got a virus in the library and had to have his cyberbrain reinitialized.

He's less mopey now that he's got his girlfriend back, but it turns out she's a horrible bitch and spends a lot of her time playing kickball with his psyche. Which is how things were before, only this time he's actually getting laid, so he really doesn't have much to complain about.

Relationships Edit

Major Kusanagi: *hearts for eyes*

Erol: *pokes with stick*

Deuce: Gay for.

Other Stuff Edit

  • If anything from Standalone Complex contradicts movie/novel canon, it didn't happen. So Togusa only has one kid. Y'know, in case it comes up.
  • App is this-a-way

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