One night, Bix decided that it was time for some smutty drabble adventures. These are her stories.


"You bottom." Reno said, fixing Jinx with a steady look over Cat's shoulder.
Cat stammered, eyes wide as Jinx spluttered his disagreement.

There were scratches on his chest and he was pretty sure that there was going to be singe marks on the wall. Reno had no idea what had gotten in to the Mithra recently but he was perfectly okay with it. The predatory look in Catpaw's eyes as he found himself splayed out on the floor was worth it.


"What do you think they're doing Cas?" Pit asked, trying to peer in to a window. He was pretty sure that was Jinx's voice he heard.
"...I don't think we want to know." Cas replied, grabbing the winged angel's leg and pulling him down.
How they ended up on the floor with their lips locked in an awkward kiss was beyond both of them as Jinx gave a shout of what sounded like either pain or victory.


"Let me take a look under tha hood there hun." Jinx said, smoke trailing from his nostrils.
"U-uhm alright, though I'm not certain you're experienced enough to fix the problem." Roll replied, a slight frown on her face.
"I'm plenty experienced enough for this hun."


Cyrus stopped dead, he'd just run in to something warm and fleshy. Which from what he'd heard in passing meant he was either in the brig or...
"Sorry, I didn't think you'd be coming so soon." Castiel's voice said, a hand touching the bling elf's shoulder. He had no problem being naked but then again some humans were shocked by being in their natural state.


Redd turned, stroking his beard as he gazed in the mirror. "You look quite dashing there Captain." He murmured, examining the way the garters held up his socks. They were perfect.


Reno scowled. "You mean you haven't had sex at all in thirty years?" He said slowly, staring at Vincent.
"I was preoccupied Reno. Besides, I wouldn't want to pass on any...of my genetics." He explained, crimson eyes closing.
"Good thing I can't get pregnant hug?" Reno replied, licking his lips.
"That's not the--" Vincent stopped arguing at the hungry crash of the red head's vodka-laced kiss.

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