Wherin chat is immature and talks about boners. Usually involves Ren, Taisha, and/or misread words.

nashipants (9:20:47 PM): But I have ~bone issues~ so that's why. :<

strongmekachan (9:21:04 PM): All of my other wisdom teeth were removed because they were compacted

abirdofebon (9:21:06 PM): wow

abirdofebon (9:21:09 PM): I misread that, Nashi

abirdofebon (9:21:11 PM): HAHA

strongmekachan (9:21:12 PM): So I don't doubt this one is too

nashipants (9:21:15 PM):

nashipants (9:21:30 PM): No, Ren. :|

hellotaifoot (9:21:34 PM): Did you read that it was boner issues

abirdofebon (9:21:38 PM): I don't think of boners all the time

abirdofebon (9:21:38 PM): really

abirdofebon (9:21:40 PM): I don't

hellotaifoot (9:21:41 PM): yes you do

hellotaifoot (9:21:42 PM): boners

hellotaifoot (9:21:44 PM): boners

abirdofebon (9:21:45 PM): only like 75%

nashipants (9:21:50 PM): XD

hellotaifoot (9:21:52 PM): /offers condo space in gutter

Nivisecond (9:21:56 PM): whose boners? ;3

abirdofebon (9:22:00 PM): uh

hellotaifoot (9:22:00 PM): NASHI'S BONERS

abirdofebon (9:22:02 PM): uhhhhh

SucrePluie (9:22:05 PM): wh-what?

abirdofebon (9:22:06 PM): that's classified information

Nivisecond (9:22:07 PM): Skyheed's.

abirdofebon (9:22:10 PM): NO

abirdofebon (9:22:12 PM): THANK

abirdofebon (9:22:13 PM): YOU

Nivisecond (9:22:15 PM): X3

hellotaifoot (9:22:22 PM): /OWNS THE GUTTER

abirdofebon (9:22:27 PM): Nashi boners > Skyheed boners

hellotaifoot (9:22:29 PM): /also is terminally tactless

nashipants (9:22:34 PM): what

hellotaifoot (9:22:43 PM): also yes I agreee Ren

Nivisecond (9:23:05 PM): Oh come on. I have written Skyheed boners before.

abirdofebon (9:23:14 PM): I feel like boners need to become common conversation topic in here

hellotaifoot (9:23:26 PM): What do you mean "need to become"

hellotaifoot (9:23:29 PM): I think you mean "are"

abirdofebon (9:23:32 PM): no no

abirdofebon (9:23:36 PM): this is the first time I've been in here

abirdofebon (9:23:41 PM): and we've talked about boners

strongmekachan (9:23:42 PM): Whose boners?

abirdofebon (9:23:45 PM): Nashi's

hellotaifoot (9:23:47 PM): NASHI'S BONERS

abirdofebon (9:23:47 PM): yours

abirdofebon (9:23:49 PM): Tai's

abirdofebon (9:23:52 PM): mine

abirdofebon (9:23:55 PM): Nivi's

hellotaifoot (9:23:55 PM): Oh shit, waifu, I have a boner.

abirdofebon (9:23:57 PM): everyone's

strongmekachan (9:23:59 PM): I've got a girl boner for The Rock atm

hellotaifoot (9:24:10 PM): I have a girl boner for My Bloody Valentine.

abirdofebon (9:24:14 PM): my boners do not discriminate

hellotaifoot (9:24:17 PM): But then again, I am weird.

abirdofebon (9:24:19 PM): everyone gets Ren boners

hellotaifoot (9:24:27 PM): /touched, really

strongmekachan (9:24:37 PM): I also have a girl boner for Paul Walker

SucrePluie (9:24:47 PM): oh hell yes.

SucrePluie (9:24:49 PM): seconded

abirdofebon (9:24:59 PM): right now I've got a girl boner for getting this writing done before Nivi goes to bed

abirdofebon (9:25:04 PM): Nivs you can't leave until I'm done

abirdofebon (9:25:08 PM): with this first part

abirdofebon (9:25:10 PM): which I almost am

Nivisecond (9:25:15 PM): I will stick around, then~

abirdofebon (9:25:16 PM): as long as I stop talking about boners

abirdofebon (9:25:23 PM): *distracted*

Nivisecond (9:25:23 PM): And hunt for the link to my Skyheed boner.

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