An offshoot of Boner Chat, and currently the only known writers are Taisha and occasionally Mari

hellotaifoot (9:35:10 PM): Someone write a fic just about boners.

Nivisecond (9:35:16 PM): \o/

abirdofebon (9:35:17 PM): go ahead, Tai

hellotaifoot (9:35:36 PM): "So one day there was an Elegante event and everyone had boners. Yes, even the women. (Ashelin's was biggest.)"

Nivisecond (9:35:51 PM): /dead

hellotaifoot (9:37:31 PM): "Ganny's boner was stolen by Meth who used it as a hooka."

SucrePluie (9:37:35 PM): fjkds;ajfk;lsdajfkdl;sakfldsafl;kdsaj

SucrePluie (9:37:38 PM): LOL

SucrePluie (9:37:47 PM): .....let's make this canon 8)

hellotaifoot (9:37:54 PM): "It went quite well with her backscratcher hand of Sheik."

SucrePluie (9:38:07 PM): "Meth began to experiment with passenger parts."

strongmekachan (9:38:07 PM): Ganny: Mah boner 8'(

hellotaifoot (9:38:13 PM): "Aptly named the Sheikscratcher."

SucrePluie (9:38:22 PM): "She hopes soon to open an art gallery."

hellotaifoot (9:40:59 PM): "And so Ganon, lacking penis, stole some flesh from the other passengers and made boobs for himself."

hellotaifoot (9:41:05 PM): "And Jak was very hot for him."

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