Moderately fresh meat! Who is totally doing the wiki thing, yup!


  • is very slow at figuring out this wiki thing. Obviously
  • is a psychology major and about to graduate! With a semi-useless B.S. in psychology
  • really likes saying "B.S. in psychology"
  • lives on the west coast but is fleeing to the east in the fall
  • has a weiner doggy named Bobby
  • and a goldfish named Xander
  • can't think of anything else and will edit more later!

Current Characters Edit


Would Love to AppEdit

Timothy from Were the World Mine

Tallahassee from Zombieland

Bobby Drake from X-men

Would Also Love to App but probably never willEdit

Dom or Brian from The Fast and the Furious

Sam Winchester from Supernatural

Wanda Maximoff from X-men Evolution

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