Sinking-ship This character is no longer on the boat. But they do have a rather lovely page, don't you think?
is that a diaper?


"Oh my god"










Common (Spoken), Percurian (Written)


8318 (Deck 5)


Jak II, pre-Shield Wall Collapse





Brutter is a Lurker.

In Jak & Daxter, Lurkers were not terribly intelligent, but aggressive and dangerous - a menace to peaceful villages and a useful tool for devious villains. Jak spent the majority of gameplay killing them with his face.

In Jak II, Lurkers have become Haven City's forced labor, pressed into work crews by the more technologically-advanced humans/elves. The threat they once posed is laughable, though a city announcement does proclaim:

"We've had a few... incidents with our lower-class labor force lately. If your Lurker is acting up, call Krimzon Animal Control.
Is your Lurker in a tree? Stuck in a sewer grate? Foaming at the mouth? Call the friendly officers of the K.A.C., and they will deal with your furry slave with all the love and care it deserves... Then haul it away for reconditioning.
Remember; Lurkers can be dangerous."

The situation is pretty clear.

Brutter is the only Lurker in the games to talk. He wears human-style clothes, and a pair of feathers on his head. (He may be trying to make people think he's human, but he's not fooling anyone.) Grateful to Jak for his part in freeing some Lurker slaves, he also has a fondness for "shinies." If he finds a shiny Jak might like, he calls him to tell him.

Hey, it's not his fault the Krimzon Guard showed up when he told Jak there was a piece of Mar's Seal in the dead-end Water Slums...

Brutter runs a fish stand in the Bazaar. That's right, he sells fish. The fact that a Lurker can hold down a business, let alone speak semi-coherent human language, is something of a small miracle. By Lurker standards, he's wildly successful, a social activist, and spectacularly cultured.

To everyone else, he's a purple-furred moron in a shredded business suit and a diaper.

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