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Buggy doesn't know how to edit wiki, but will try anyhow.

Buggy lives in Kansas and does not know Dorothy. She has two kitty cats that she cuddles with incessantly gets angry at, insults, and forces to stay up with her past their bedtimes. She likes chocolate and soft things. She is easily obsessed with... well, anything, and said obsession can last for months on end and can cause Buggy to app characters prematurely. However, Buggy tries to keep this to a minimum. 'Cept with Zombieland, that's totally happening. Buggy is kind of cute, if she does say so herself.

...only. She just did. CRAP.

Characters Edit


Sal (2) The kid from Kansas that actually has an accent. But not a twang. Get it the fuck right.

Andrew Wells from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Mindy Macready from Kick-Ass


Colubumbus :c



Doyle (Dropped so fast, he doesn't have a page.)



Wolf (How on earth does he have a page?)

Sakura (Dropped so long ago, she doesn't have a page.)


Not planning any ever. I swear. I'm totally a massive liar.

...Chuck from Chuck >_>

Others Buggy Could App And Has Considered Many Times But Probably Never WillEdit

Kaylee - from Firefly

Rose - from Doctor Who

Tatum - a boring OC

Oz - from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

April - from Buffy the Vampire Slayer


This is Kansas. No. Really. Not kidding.


Kansas is full of a bunch of farm people and whenever we become ungrateful for what little we have (or just plain bored) we hop on the noon tornado to Oz and dance with munchkins and "You were there and you were there and you were there!" and somehow that makes everything alright. If you ever get the chance, DO NOT COME TO KANSAS. No, we don't actually have that many tornadoes. The last real tornado in Topeka was, like, five years ago, and Buggy didn't even live here at the time. If anything, we have floods and blizzards, and those are ten times less fun. Really, just save yourself the time and effort and don't bother yourself. In the words of Litzi "The best thing about Kansas is Kansas City. And it's in another state." And she doesn't even live here. The girl is smart, people, listen to her.

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