This is teh Cass




Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


May 7th, 1990

Personal Journal


Amaria Midesha and Sarea James


She's always on hiatus. 8| But we love her anyways <3 She also has a page here but I forgot about it so now she has two pages. Rock on.   

 Cass is a 2nd year Cultural Studies Major at Trent University in Oshawa that works at Tim Hortons (unfortunately). She wants to go into writing once she's done school, and is already working on her first novel (Faeriestone) in the hopes of having it published upon completion. She joined the Elegante close to when it first began and has stuck around ever since.

 Due to personal issues during last school year and the summer, Cass had to call several hiatus' and disappeared for a full month at one point. She has played Amaria Midesha, the main character from her novel, since the beginning. At one point she played another OC named Tera Omagi, but she didn't last long, and now plays Sarea James as well, the main character of a future novel idea she has in mind.

Cass will also forever insist she loves living in Canada no matter how much she may whine about the cold in the winter <3 She also loves everyone else who pays on the elegante, she's just a shy dork who always hesitates at asking to plot or anything fff <3

Cass goes by several nicknames that have been given to her by different people, and doesn't mind being called by any one of

them: Cass, Casseh, Cassie, Casseh-face, Ama-mun, Ama, Cassany<- okay she might maul you if you call her this

Characters Edit

Amaria : A Faerie princess and the main character of Cass' current novel-in-progress. She's socially awkward and doesn't know much about human technology, but has been learning since she got on the boat. She normally has two forms and a shit load of magic, but has been stuck in human form since arriving. 

Sarea: A Lycan (werewolf-thing for all you people <3 ) with a swearing habit and a hatred of men, she comes from another novel idea of Cass' that hasn't been touched yet. She's the second youngest of seven kids, and the only female amongst them; she likes to drink and bug Haine.

Dropped Characters Edit

Tera Omagi: At one point Cass apped and played Tera, an AU version of a fandom character who loved playing video games and had way to much energy for her own good. She dropped her fairly quickly, however, and played just Ama for a long time till apping Rea.

Contact/Other sites Edit

Generally, Cass can be found under the penname of  'Amariahellcat' almost anywhere:


LJ Musebox: (come poke my muses guys srsly)



AIM: Amariahellcat

MSN: see email

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