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Cabana, Relax Room, Therapist's Office, VIP Suite




The Doctor

Key Features

Medical Center

The forward portion of this deck contains the luxurious spa, part of which has been retrofitted into a medical bay. If you are experiencing any kind of medical problem, please come here... Please... The robot won't bite... Honest.

In a small office by the medical area you can find the ship's therapist. Drop in anytime to chat about what ails you, though do remember that therapy sessions are mandatory and you will get to see him sooner or later.

The aft section of this deck is open-air and features the sports deck and jogging track.


  • Relax Room - Comfy chairs and a seaside view.
  • VIP Suite - Luxurious decor, a Jacuzzi, and (if you can find a masseuse) you've got it made! Oh, Cabin Boy~
  • Therapist's Office - You'll wind up here eventually. (See: Guy Mann)
  • Medical Center - You'll wind up here too. (See: AMU)
  • Cabana (pic)
  • Mud Treatment (pic)
  • Flotation Therapy (pic)
  • Thalasso Pool balcony - From Deck 02, you can see the distinctive Deck 03 Thalasso Pool from above.
  • Serenity (1 2) - A quiet area designed for relaxation.


  • Jogging Track (pic) - Kage says running is good for you!
  • Sports Deck (no picture yet)
  • Skylight (no picture yet)

Updates Edit

  • MARCH 2009: Pan can no longer be found at the spa. (Former greeting: If you'd like a massage, feel free to book one with the ship's masseuse. He will put his clever paws to work for you, and he only demands belly rubs and adoration in return.)
  • JULY 2009: Jamie can no longer be found in the medical center.
  • JULY 2009: Autonomous Medical Unit 92-XG-3 is now attending the medical center.

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