Deck 03
A forest on a ship! Naturally...


Deck 03Legend


Crew Quarters 1101-1117, Thermal Suites, Saunas, Thalasso Pool, Laconium, Oriental Steam Bath, Tepidarium, Aroma Steam Bath


Art Nouveau


Forest contains the odd strangling vine & poisonous flower.


Fitness Center, Thunderball Pool, Sliding Sky Dome, Water Park Forest, The Pinnacle

If you like wave pools, prepare to be disappointed: the water park is currently out of commission, and an actual park is there instead. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say "an actual rainforest," complete with tall, tropical trees covered in moss, vines criss-crossing through everything, and a small stream that generates from one of the large pool’s former filters, and terminates on the opposite end.

If you ever need to find the first mate, odds are good that you should try looking in the gym. If he’s not there, he’s probably relaxing in the aforementioned forest.

The quarters on this deck are even more decadent than the ones on the deck below, and are done up in a classic art nouveau style. Unfortunately for people who aspire to live in the lap of luxury, passengers are relegated to decks 04, 05, 06, 07, 11, & 12. Sorry!


APRIL 2010: The forest has become infested with strangling vines and poisonous flowers. They will be largely indistinguishable from the other vines and plants unless characters pay very close attention. Be careful!

MAY 2010: There are still a few strangling vines and poisonous flowers lurking about. They are largely indistinguisable from other plantlife, unless examined closely. Be careful! For details of symptoms or possible cures, please contact Otana (AIM: flingintoalake).

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