Deck 10
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Deck 10Legend


Elegante Lobby, Art Room






Spectacular Spectacular Theater (stage), Black Pearl Restaurant, Sergei's Bar & Grille (lower level), Pink Pearl, Shore Excursions, Information Desk, Exterior Deck

Among deck 10’s many amenities are the Black Pearl Restaurant (non-operational), the Shore Excursions desk (non-operational), and the Information Desk (non-operational are you detecting a theme here). Sergei's Bar & Grille, however, has recently been opened for passenger use.

The art gallery and theater is currently off-limits, and quite securely locked.

While no one staffs the information desk or the shore excursions desk, the Stewardess has helpfully put out several brochures about the MS Elegante. The information within them is only marginally accurate, at this point, but if anyone wants to read about it, they are free to do so.


  • APRIL 2009: Sergei's Bar & Grille is staffed by passengers.
  • APRIL 2010:
    • The doors to the second floor of the Spectacular Spectacular Theater are no longer locked. (Was: There’s also the stage of the Spectacular Spectacular Theater, which is as operational as any stage can be without actors or a crew or a director. It might not be the best idea to go in there, however, if the warning signs hung on the door are any indication.)
    • All restaurants are now haunted by a psychopathic doctor who wanders between them. See Event details.
    • Thick black mist chokes everything, and any mirrors or reflective surfaces are hypnotically fascinating for any passengers. As they stare, they will realize the face they see is not their own. It whispers of all the awful things Redd has done, and offers them a chance to go home, back to their own world. All they have to do is renounce Redd and give up their allegiance to him... (Please tell a mod if your character takes the face up on this offer.)
  • MAY 2010: The doctor is gone, and so is the mist. The doors to the Spectacular Spectacular Theater remain unlocked.
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