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The majority of deck 12 is completely buried, floor to ceiling, in luggage. It is unknown how the luggage got here, but it seals off a good portion of the deck. At any given time, a member of the crew (most often the Stewardess) can be found on deck 12 trying to clear the luggage out of the hallway, but it is obviously a slow process.

The portion of deck 12 that is relatively clear (and not occupied) doubles as a shopping district, although it might be more appropriate to call it a rummage sale. Each of the rooms is open at all times, with labels on the door describing what you can find in each of the rooms, such as formal men’s wear, sporting equipment, socks, toiletries, and jewelry. The objects in the room are not organized in any particular sense of the word, although the clothes are neatly folded.

This deck has an ancient Chinese motif, complete with red painted doors, hanging paper lanterns, and prints of woodblocks and pagodas.


  • DECEMBER 13, 2008: a path was cleared through the luggage to the lower decks.

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