Deck 14


Deck 14 (Player reference only)Legend


Full of junk




Getting lost



It's a maze, and the walls go from ceiling to floor so you can't see over top of them. There are rooms, but their contents are totally random and while in some you'll find rare treasures, in others you'll just find piles of useless junk. The rooms don't have room numbers, so unless you're diligent, you probably won't be able to find the same room twice. At the end of the maze...?


  • APRIL 2010: The maze constantly shifts. Hallways will get longer and shorter, widen and squeeze shut and completely disorient anyone who goes in. It is possible to get back out, but there is a strong chance of being trapped until the passenger starves to death.
  • MAY 2010: The maze is back to normal.
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