Deck 15


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n/a (unless you are small enough to be eaten by the fish)


Caves, Bookshelf & Chair, Disc Reader

This deck appears to be a cave of some sorts. Blue light filters through – quite bright in some areas, dark in others – but the source is unknown. Most of the cave is flooded with water; the light color on the map represents shallow water (a few inches to a foot), the medium color represents deeper water (one to four feet), and the dark color can go down quite deep (generally four to ten feet, but you’ll find a few spots where it appears bottomless). Be careful – there are a few drop offs! The colors are player reference only, so watch your step!

At the starboard bow (upper right corner), a bookshelf full of faded, torn, and burnt books stands. A comfy chair is set up next to it.


  • JANUARY 2009: a mechanical device has been placed near the chair, used to read discs. See more information here.
  • APRIL 2009: There is now a way through to lower decks.
  • JULY 2009: The giant fish has been hooked and killed. It left behind a school of almost fifty baby fish in its place.
  • DECEMBER 2009: The baby fish have grown up, and mostly eaten one another! There are now three giant fish swimming around in the caves.
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