Deck 16
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Deck 16Legend


Mostly fake




Gravity shift



At first glance, this appears to be the same old same old residential deck ... until you look a little closer and realize that all the doors are painted onto the walls or glued shut, and nothing is actually real! Be careful when standing still for too long; every 45 seconds, the gravity on this deck shifts 90 degrees and characters will find themselves walking on the walls and ceiling as they move around.

This deck is home to a rather flustered chicken trying to protect her eggs.


  • APRIL 2010: Eight doors are now unlocked on this deck. Six will be creepy or weird but harmless, one will open a door and play back a horrifically traumatizing event in the character's life, and the final door will offer a temporary buff. This buff will grant weak players strength for six hours, however they will be unable to access safe havens (any rooms) while it is in place. When it wears off there will be a loud chime and a notice will pop up on all communicators indicating who had the buff and that it has now worn off. If you got a buff, I imagine it's very important to seek safe haven after it wears off it you've taken revenge...
  • MAY 2010: The rooms remain as described above.


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