Deck 17


Deck 17Legend






Radioactive Crystal



Following a decadent Bohemian theme, this deck is draped in fine silks, and is like an enormous relaxation lounge with throw pillows and incense. There is an ornate tapestry around the walls depicting a medieval village theme. While impressive, it looks normal enough, but look back and sometimes it seems to have shifted. Some people swear it's as if the woven figures can look straight at you ...


  • APRIL 2009: The tapestry was destroyed by Fenrir, but has been replaced.
  • APRIL 2010: To the side of one set of pillows on this deck, there is a large, beautiful blue crystal wrapped in an ornate cage. It hums gently, and glows hypnotically, and is hot to the touch. Sitting around it feels warm and inviting and wonderful. However, it will give anyone who goes near it radiation poisoning. The longer they stay, the worse it will be~ This is irreversible and may result in a traumatic death or a mercy kill, depending on the severity.
  • MAY 2010: This deck is back to normal.
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