Deck 20


Deck 20






Hardcore, Deathrace



At first it appears to be an enormous, never ending ... lot of nothing.

Well not quite nothing, there is a control panel attached to the wall. Switch it on, and a series of options become available for the M.S. Elegante's very own racing deck! This deck is much like a holodeck from Star Trek... just without copyright infringement.


Every vehicle imaginable is available here, including:


Just like the vehicles, there are many tracks, including:

And the Cow track - yes, the Cow Track, complete with thick snow banks and sleepy cow obstacles, where the only vehicles of choice are ostriches, zebras, camels, donkeys and elephants~


Of course, racing can be quite dangerous, and Meth is a smart cookie. She graciously provided varying difficulty levels, which operate thusly:

  • Novice is totally harmless, cars will simply bounce off the walls and one another like bumper cars.
  • Normal is the default level, where minor injuries and whiplash is commonplace, and passengers may find themselves limping away from wreckages.
  • Hardcore is one step up. Wrecks may result in vicious burns, serious injuries, and even death.
  • Deathrace is the final, deadly mode. Wrecks can and will occur with frightening frequency, and while weaponry is not provided, various defense mechanics can be deployed. Oil slicks, smoke screens, magnetic break disabling devices and other such deviousness makes this one for the truly skilled racers only!

As Redd's magic is vast, different tracks and difficulty modes can be run simultaneously; however all racers competing on the same track must operate on the same difficulty level - though they may select differing vehicles.


Original announcement (check out the Jak cast freaking out.)


  • APRIL 2010: The holodeck on the racing deck has malfunctioned. Passengers will not get the racetrack and vehicle they wanted; they will find themselves in the middle of a brutal battlefield, or a world of zombies, or surrounded by hungry beasts with six legs and glowing green eyes. They would resemble wolves, only wolves aren't the size of horses...
  • MAY 2010: Racing is back to normal!

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