Deck 04
Elegante needs food!


Deck 04Legend


Passenger Quarters 1001-1085


Old Victorian


Camp Carnival, The Wandering Doctor


Carnival's Seaside Theater, Rotisserie

This is where the (non-sushi) food is! The only crew-operated restaurant, the Rotisserie, is buffet-style, and is open from 7 AM – 4 AM, although the food stops being replaced at 8 PM, so from 10 PM – 4 AM it’s not exactly quality. You can always try complaining to the Stewardess about it; she can usually be found bustling around the Rotisserie, straightening tables, preparing food, and stirring the food in the chafing dishes.

Camp Carnival is currently off-limits. Enter at your own peril; you have been warned.

The quarters on this deck are for those who appreciate the finer side of life. The beds are a bit bigger, and there is a bit more room to store one’s personal effects. In keeping with this sumptuousness, the motif is old Victorian, so get ready for polished hardwood floors, grandfather clocks, and lots of doilies, shams, and table cloths to cover all that shamefully provocative furniture.

Updates Edit

  • MARCH 2009: Mihaila can no longer be found in the galley.
  • MAY 2009: Mihaila is in the galley once again no she's not.
  • JANUARY 2010: Mihaila is no longer attending the galley because she's DEAAAAAD. (Formerly: The cook does take requests, though she may not always honor them to the best of her ability. She can often be found in the galley, checking the buffet and complaining out loud. Feel free to put in an order for your favorite homecooked meal, just keep telling yourself that she wouldn't really spit in your food.)
  • APRIL 2010: All restaurants are now haunted by a psychopathic doctor who wanders between them. See Event details.
  • MAY 2010: The doctor is gone!



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