Little is known about the mysterious new mun known as Domon, with much shrouded in mystery and/or complete apathy. There persist rumors that anyone learning of his sordid history have been given the option to either FORGET or PROTEST, and all have opted to forget. Others suggest he watched a Doctor Who episode before writing this, and should really stop lifting things from other films. (Mun's Note: It's not called lifting. It's called creative appropration. Learned that in film school, shortly before I also learned I didn't want to be in film school.)

For those who dare to pull back the veil, Domon lives in Oklahoma City, with some girl he tricked into an engagement, along with a small army of dogs, rabbit and guinea pigs. He's pursuing a degree and career in Animal Behavior in the least efficent way possible, works graveyard shift in a medical lab and hopes to one day invent the world's first automatic potato scrubber. He's interested in writing, photography, animation, Thunder basketball and SyFy Original Movies(to laugh at). He's also been known to enjoy writing in the third person, like he's done here.


Cynthia "Pandora" St. Claire

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