(a work in progress)

If you happen to have alcohol or something when you're roleplaying on Elegante you take a drink when:

  • Joe hits on someone
  • Riley asks a tactless question
  • Nel is taught the word "penis"
  • Joe informs Nel she has a fat cock.
  • Jinx says anything
  • King makes a bad pun
  • King and Bryn have sex
  • Squeakles honks that freakin' nose
  • Squeakles terrifies someone
  • Chat talks about cocks
  • Any time Meth is rude to someone
  • Any time Lilith says "babe" or "sweetheart"
  • Any time Castiel is confused.
  • Any time Erol hurts someone wherther it's emotionally or physically.
  • Same goes for Azula.
  • When Riley hits on someone.
  • When Samuel discusses his childhood.
  • When Jinx accidentallys someone
  • When Lily beats up someone/thing twice her size
  • When Joe steals Cecil's chicken
  • When Siran does something dirty with ketchup.
  • When Torin hits on someone.
  • When Riley and Torin tagteam.
  • When Roll is adorbs.
  • When Cecil, Joe and Nel fight in the kitchen.
  • Any time Jak/Handjob/Jinx/Kevas/Remy/Bryn/Vash/Wolfwood/Reno/Mordecai drinks
  • When WW!Link uses a cute icon
  • Any time Bass is mad for more than two tags straight.
  • When Mikey takes a bite of pizza.
  • Any time 'Captain Redd' is mentioned in its entirety.
  • Any time a passenger declares their hatred for the boat.
  • Chat talks about Uranus. Don't see why we wouldn't, Uranus is massive.
  • Every time Xanth is adorable.
  • Whenever Cyrus meets someone taller than he is.
  • Every time Vie swears in Kirovian.
  • Every time Joe offers someone a cigarette.
  • Every time Cliff laughs at something childish.
  • Every time Jinx offers a child alcohol.
  • Anytime Roll and Jinx B| face at each other.
  • Every time Xanth blushes.
  • Every time Jinx and Joe fight. Every. Single. Time.

If you're roleplaying drunk already, drink more!

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