Elegante Sexdice is when a bunch of characters are suddenly locked in a room with a set of dice that force them to do suggestive and/or naughty things to each other.

There is no set time for Sexdice. It just happens when chat is bored and feels like doing a chat RP. It may not occur for months at a time.

Rules for the Dice Game

  • Note: Game room is eledice on AIM chat and IS NOT CANON & IS IN CHARACTER!

LOCATION: Mostly unknown place on board, but it contains a bar and a few couches. There's a bathroom too, if need be. Somewhere in the room there's a piece of paper that lists the characters names and numbers as well as the rules.


  • 1st Roll decides who you get: //roll-dice1-sides# (# = number of people, which a number gets assigned to each chara at the beginning of the game)
  • 2nd Roll decides what you do to them (see list): //roll-dice2-sides5
  • 3rd Roll only happens if the second number of the 2nd Roll lands on "Naughty Place" which they have to roll once again but with: //roll-dice1-sides5

If the character roles their own number, they can roll again to get someone else.

If a character wants to pass their turn, he or she has to remove an article of clothing.


1. Kiss
2. Bite
3. Caress
4. Lick
5. Suck

1. Lips
2. Chest
3. Go to Naughty List
4. Tummy
5. Neck

Naughty List
1. Ear
2. Nipple
3. Hips
4. Crotch
5. Inner Thigh

There's 6 people in the room, each person is assigned a number from 1 - 6.

Its Even's turn to roll, so he uses //roll-dice1-sides6 and gets a 4. Number 4 is assigned to Kage. So Even rolls again; this time //roll-dice2-sides5, getting a 2 & a 4. (Bite stomach) Even has the option to skip his turn or do the command.

Craziness ensures and well, the dice get moved on to Kage and he rolls, thus continues the game!

  • Can't imagine why we would ever do this? Well, take a look over here

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