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Hello, newbie. Think you're too cool to read everyone's wiki in full? Fine. Here are all of the Failboat's characters in six words. 8| i'm looking at you, amanda and daichu. I fixed all those pieces of crap, complain as you see fit.

Akagi Shigeru: Can out-gamble you, no questions.

Amaria Midesha: Faerie princess. Pretty emo right now.

Ashelin Praxis: She has a penis. Fuck you.

Brynhildr Dottir: Shape-shifter full of stupid and baggage.

Cadence Wayward: Throws tantrums and rules the world.

Catpaw: A cat girl with several spells.

Chase Stein: Is totally an awesome dude, Bro.

Chevrolet: Thinks this is stupid, so brb.

Damas: Animate brick with an eco son.

Daniella: Wants your wombs to be complete.

Daxter: Not to be confused with Dexter.

Dexter Morgan: Kills people on his days off.

Di Roy: No, his teeth aren't really zippers.

Dorian Gray: Beauty is a form of Genius.

Eon Charra-Kinra: A girl hiding as a boy.

Erol: Hit her because she deserved it.

Ezekiel Lerish: Will blow up your kitchen appliances.

Fujiwara Shiro: Honor student with spontaneous wolf parts.

Geldoblame: The biggest flamer on the fairyboat~!

Gunnar Dottir: Overprotective brother is overprotective. Makes coffee.

Haine Rammsteiner: Afraid of females, moody, split personality.

Hannibal King: Former vampire hunter snarks at you.

Isabella dela Vega: She vants to sahck your blahd.

Jak: Animate brick with an eco gun.

Jane Dowe: Apathetic and delusional uber gamer girl.

Janelle no Bryony: Whore, heart of gold, fruit fetish.

Jared: Is a Lvl. 32 Deaf Knight.

Jinx: Wants to fuck you and drink.

Komaba Hajime: But Elegante already has a doctor. :|

Lethe: Loves to taunt the stupid humans. :P

Lily: Kills things but doesn't like it.

(Oot!)Link: Elf!batman misses his utility belt. ):

(Ww!)Link: . . . . . .

Madarame Yonekuni: Hates men but still dates one.

Milliarde Baelheit: Is totally not a 'bug girl'.

Mimmi Kopanski: German Jew from World War Two.

Navid Eannit Khashmul: Physically embodies the term "break-up."

Nnoitra Jiruga: In your bedroom, ruining your woman.

North: Someone thought catpeople would be obedient.

Patrick Mann: Is ttly not related to Guy.

Razer: Fruit basket flung into the sun.

Remy Whitecastle: Bartender who's totally not a wizard.

Rfena: Android asks a lot of questions.

Riley Knight: Human guinea pig tries anything once.

River Tam: HAY DUDES, I'M (really fucking) CRAZY.

Star Sailor Mnemosyne: From a farm. That explains it.

Tera Omagi: Girl who plays DDR too much.

Tony Shepherd: An irredeemable soul hidden by niceties.

Torin Navekha: Sexy guard adopts all your children.

Victor Belle: He puts the "ass" in "harassment."

Vin: Awkward technophile and Jak's biggest fangirl.

Wade Wilson: Will flirt with you for weapons.

Zelda/Sheik: Man or woman? No one knows!

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