(9:37:33 PM) Sparky: Let's buy a big boarding house
(9:37:37 PM) Kat: hell yes
(9:37:38 PM) Sparky: and all elecast move in together
(9:37:43 PM) Keke: Yes
(9:37:44 PM) Sparky: and we can call it Elehouse
(9:37:47 PM) Litzi: YESSS
(9:37:50 PM) Kat: we'd have to live on our own property with no neighbors though
(9:37:50 PM) Litzi: it's like a halfway house.
(9:38:02 PM) Keke: XD
(9:38:03 PM) Kat: we'd torment our neighbors if we had any
(9:38:06 PM) Sparky: And we could have a sign up that said
(9:38:07 PM) Dai: and then it would sink
(9:38:17 PM) Kat: only if we built it on a swamp, dai 8|
(9:38:20 PM) Sparky: "Welcome to Elehouse. THE CAPTAIN IS A GREAT MAN."
(9:38:23 PM) Kat: and then we'd rebuild it!
(9:38:24 PM) Dai: or a sinkhole
(9:38:28 PM) Kat: and then it'd sink into the swamp
(9:38:43 PM) Dai: so we'd build another one
(9:38:44 PM) Kat: and then we build it a third time! and then it'd catch on fire, burn down, then sink into the swamp
(9:38:59 PM) Dai: but the 4th one would stand tall
(9:39:00 PM) Sparky: Then we'd all have to move back in with our parents
(9:39:13 PM) Keke: THE 4TH WALL
(9:39:14 PM) Dai: and would be the best, most defensible building in all of LJ
(9:39:14 PM) Keke:
(9:39:18 PM) Kat: yes >:<
(9:39:19 PM) Dai: YES
(9:39:26 PM) Keke: xD
(9:39:29 PM) Kat: ...well yes, the house would be a 4th wall as well
(9:39:41 PM) Kat: no fandom is safe
(9:40:11 PM) Keke: indeed
(9:40:32 PM) Sparky: Then we could play Elegante IRL
(9:40:32 PM) Kat: man what we really need is that old beat up house from the first TMNT movie
(9:40:39 PM) Sparky: It'd be great!
(9:40:47 PM) Keke: Yessss
(9:40:51 PM) Sparky: Except we wouldn't have to be our characters
(9:40:55 PM) Sparky: we could just be ourself
(9:40:58 PM) Sparky: *ourselves
(9:40:58 PM) Kat: yes :|
(9:41:02 PM) Sparky: unless somebody is Redd
(9:41:02 PM) Kat: our lovely, alcoholic selves
(9:41:14 PM) Sparky: And the brig could be like the basement
(9:41:16 PM) Sparky: or attic
(9:41:19 PM) Keke: xD
(9:41:25 PM) Sparky: Unless there's booze in the attic
(9:41:28 PM) Sparky: or basement
(9:41:31 PM) Keke: YAY BOOZE
(9:41:33 PM) Owl: *A*
(9:41:34 PM) Keke: wat
(9:41:36 PM) Kat: HURRAY \o/
(9:41:38 PM) Sparky: We'd never get anything done
(9:41:42 PM) Kat: you said the magic word, sparky
(9:41:46 PM) Keke: booze in an attic might be dangerous
(9:41:47 PM) Sparky: booze?
(9:41:53 PM) Kat: YAY
(9:41:54 PM) Sparky: Well yeah
(9:42:01 PM) Sparky: especially if it's up there with alcoholics
(9:42:03 PM) Sparky: and matches
(9:42:15 PM) Kat: 8)
(9:42:20 PM) Sparky: Cause then we're all screwed
(9:42:29 PM) Sparky: This needs to be a wiki page
(9:42:37 PM) Kat: especially if one of us knows a lot of stupid human tricks to do with alcohol and fire....
(9:42:41 PM) Sparky: This needs to be an RP
(9:42:49 PM) Sparky: /makes Elehouse RP
(9:42:54 PM) Litzi: /apps sparky
(9:42:59 PM) Sparky: :0
(9:43:04 PM) Sparky: /posts in your HMD
(9:43:08 PM) Kat: /apps padre
(9:43:14 PM) Sparky: U SUXXORS GIT OUT
(9:43:18 PM) Litzi: 8(!!
(9:43:20 PM) Litzi: /DROPS
(9:43:24 PM) Litzi: /REAPPS 3 WEEKS LATER
(9:43:59 PM) Keke: /apps self
(9:44:01 PM) Keke: /playercests
(9:44:07 PM) Keke: /weird paradox
(9:44:23 PM) Litzi: 6_9

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