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Fa Mulan
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Fa Mulan was on a boat!

Canon information Edit

Mulan is unlike the ideal woman of her time. In a way, she is ahead of her time, a tomboy in a world where only perfect porcelain dolls won the hearts of men and brought their families honor. She is outspoken rather than reserved, without fear (or sometimes tact, like meeting Chi-Fu for the first time) when voicing her opinions. She has no qualms with physical activities, like horseback riding.

Mulan’s decisions are made with good intention. She makes cheat notes for her meeting with the matchmaker not because she is lazy, but rather she does not want to take any chances in disappointing her family. She had to steal her father’s armor and sword, and lie about her identity to get into the army, but it was done with the intent to keep her father safe from harm. She knows the consequences of being discovered as a woman, but does not let that stop her from protecting the family she loves.

Along with her love for her family, Mulan can be a loyal friend. Even after Mushu revealed the truth about his guardianship, Mulan didn’t abandon him, grateful for all that he did to help her in the army.

Masquerading in the army, enduring the difficult training, not backing down against the Hun army — it is all a strong display of Mulan’s courage and determination. She is also a resourceful thinker, great at solving problems when she puts her mind to it (i.e. reaching the arrow at the top of the pole; using a canon to start an avalanche).

Some weaknesses Mulan has in the beginning are her tardiness, clumsiness, and her worry over her supposed inability to fit into the role of a “perfect bride” or “perfect daughter”. As the movie progresses, Mulan overcomes her weak points and begins to see herself as a worthwhile person, even if she isn’t like other girls.


Mulan's just a normal human being. She's had an intense crash-course training in a variety of combat forms (hand-to-hand, sword fighting, bo staff, archery, ffff Chinese cannons) over the last few weeks leading up to her arrival on the Elegante, but otherwise has no unique powers/abilities.

Elegante Edit

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Relationships Edit

Kage: Gay for

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