Dysfunctional Worth FamblyEdit

Kage: We're all gonna eat dinner like a Zeshat-damned FAMILY. Honey, put your GUN away.

Even: *looks guilty* Lily, siddown.

Lily: Hazar's nibbling on my ear! D:

Hazar: *nibblenibble*

Even: Where's Chase?


Chase: *from his room* I'm BUSY.

Kage: Pull your fuckin' pants up and come eat dinner! It's fuckin' Wednesday which means it's fuckin' family Zeshat-damned dinner fuckin' night!

Even: Let him stay in there if he wants, princess.

Kage: *sits down*

Hazar: *starts to steal some of Chase's chicken wings*

Lily: Hazaaaaar! Eveeeeeen, Hazar's taking Chase's chicken wings!

Even: Hazar, don't take your moron brother's chicken wings.

Lily: *constructing a tower out of her macaroni*

Kage: The hell're you doin', kiddo?

Lily: This is my Pain Palace and Cupcake Bakery!

Kage: ... who makes cupcakes in a torture place?

Lily: *shoots him a withering look* The guards. Duh.

Even: Girl, eat your Pain Palace.

Chase: *slouches in and sits down* ... how come I only got three chicken wings?

Hazar: *burp*

Chase: EW.

Chase: *looks at Kage with Puppy Face* I'm huuuungryyyyyyy.

Kage: *sighs and hands Chase some of his*

Chase: *brightens immediately* Thanks, bro! *starts eating, and he slyly yoinks some chicken wings from Hazar's plate while she starts nibbling on the corn on the cob* Yesss.

Even: *eats* ... so what'd you guys do today?

Kage: *eats* Fixed shit. Paperwork. Shot Xamira.

Lily: *eats her Pain Palace* I spuna round in a circle until I threw up.

Hazar: *quietly* I consumed the flesh of the one who stole my chicken.

Chase: Ha ha, what a lose--wait. Here. *hands it back*

((Litzi: featuring the Dysfunctional Worth Fambly))

Kage: How come I took your name?

Even: 'Cause you're the woman.

Kage: Fuck you.

Even: Burn in hell.

Kage: *stands up*

Even: *stands up*

Chase: Oh God, they're gonna start kissing.

Hazar: *to Chase, softly* Now is your chance. Take the chicken you so crave.

Chase: ... *yoink*

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