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...please give this an inappropriate caption

One day Amanda came into chat, Joc greeted before accidentally adding "spicy garlic" because she was eatting Jalapeno Garlic bread and then P was like "HI SPICY GARLIC! I'm gonna call you spicy garlic." AND FOOD NAMES WERE BORN.

in no specific order:

spicy garlic - Amanda.

hot chocolate - P.

rainbow sprinkles - Litzi.

fresh peas - Kelly.

sweet mochi - Otana.

pickle - Molly.

mac & cheese - Joc.

raspberry tiramisu - Adri.

skittles - Tory.

fruit cocktail - Mari.

chocolate eclair - Schu.

tipsy merlot - Pip.

dorayaki - Manawolf.

egg - Egg.

daikon - Dai.

wasabi spoon - Cerulesta.

pocky - Tilly

chocolate cake - Keke

thai food - Taisha

lime jello - Sky

peanut butter - Clo

honeybunches of maddin - Maddin because he's a pimp

buttered toast - Padre

Saukaut- some sort of typoed Saurkraut, Katu

coke zero - Wicke

panda gravy - Buggy

cookies - Kuki

frog legs - Froggy

vegemite - Xhan

Taters - Taters


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