Sinking-ship This character is no longer on the boat. But they do have a rather lovely page, don't you think?
Granny Annie Evans
Estelle Getty
This is Granny Annie Evans











1272 (Deck 12)







“Granny” Annie Evans grew up in the Ozark mountains of Missouri. Raised by good God fearing parents she is a devout Christian and lives at harmony with all of God’s critters. A superstitious woman, who by age 6 she could skin a possum faster then anyone within shouting range, Granny has become known far and wide for her Witch Doctorin’. With her trusty still by her side Granny could cure up anything from infections, to love sickness, to  typhoid. Now 79 years old Granny spends her days warding off evil spirits and curing the local folks with her many tonics and  various voodoo artifacts, except on Sundays when she drives her model T down to the local church to thank the good Lord for all his blessings.

Appearance Edit

Granny is a 79 years old woman who stands a towering 4’ 6”. She has gray hair (and she earned every one of them!) and glasses that Pa fashioned our of the bottoms of old preserve jars. Although she looks quite fragile, Granny could woop any of these youngins that tries sassing her.

Relationships Edit

Kevas- Scared the living daylights out of her at first sight, but he was so sweet over ShipNet she tried her best to not act alarmed.

Hazar- Adoped as her "grand daughter"

Zeke- First passenger she met on board. He shares his kitchen and for that she is grateful.

Ahtay Alexemia- Helped her find clothes, she enjoys her company

Ani Kerrigan- a new friend

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