Name: Dr. Guy Mann
Gender: Male
Age: 31
DoB: Unknown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 196lb
Species: Human
Language: Common
Room: 1105 (Deck 03)
Canon: N/A
Journal: Tell me about your mother
Mun: Otana

Guy is the ship's therapist and psychiatrist and he absolutely knows what he is doing.

Therapy sessions are mandatory for both passengers and crew and held at least once a week, group therapy is also "suggested" at Guy's whim. He has a lovely office with a big desk, a comfy chair, a padded couch, a fish tank full of plastic fish, and a little table for tea and biscuits.

Passengers don't need to make an appointment, or wait to be summoned for therapy if they want to pop in for a chat.

On the Elegante Edit

Deck 03, Room 1105.

Can be found in the Therapist's Office on Deck 02, by the Medical Bay.

Relationships Edit


+ His fish

+ Everyone else

Random stuff Edit

Crew Members
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