Making events is hard work, and running them is even harder! Many were unaware of the hardships the mod teams faced, until Nivi gave us a behind the scenes peek at how they work!

OTANA MOD NOTE: This is basically exactly how it happens, I'm not even kidding. :|


P: Alsdfkjasl; NO. You know what happened the last time you had an idea!

OTANA: Shut up, that wasn't my fault. B|

MANA: Classic example of why alcohol and ducks should not mix.

MARI: Hey, the ducks were awesome. Even if Otana did-

OTANA: Ahhahaha yeah, can we just get back to my idea now?

MARI: Hey, if it involves ducks, I'm all for it!

OTANA: [/opens mouth]

OTANA: [/shuts it]

OTANA: ...


OTANA: So, Jak's been talking to all sorts of people about his last trip to the lower decks, and now all these characters want to go down there again. I say we let them. Good opportunity for trauma!

MANA: Oh sweet! I love trauma!

P: Let's make NPCs to torture, mutilate, and slaughter!

MARI: Already on it, bb~

OTANA: Aaaand event plot is a go! Posts are up! Now we just wait for- OH SWEET BABY MAR, they're tagging the hell out of it! AGH! HELP!

P: Here! I'll take on a few of the responses!

OTANA: My hero. ;-;

MARI: What the hell are they doing? Can't they see that there's nothing important about that thing they're poking? Just move on already!

OTANA: Holy crap, you guys! We screwed up and had the camera in two places at once!

P: AUGH! I'm sorry! I forgot and screwed up because my inbox is flooding and I can't keep up! D:

MANA: Weeee'll just have to sweep this one under the rug. Here. Throw a dying Autobot at them to distract them!


OTANA: Damn, now we need to think up suitable punishments for Redd to dole out that are creative and unique and not repeating stuff he's done before.

MANA: Hang on, I'll go get the vodka. That always seems to help.

The event in question~

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