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James Raverie
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2429 (Deck 11)


Gaspard Ulliel





Well-toned, deathly pale due to his species, and typically extremely clean-cut and presentable, James can be described as fairly, well, attractive. Complimented with his golden eyes and dark brown hair, it's not very difficult for him to bait his targets.

Canon Information Edit

James was an average, sadistic vampire who took a liking to torturing vampire hunters in addition to his own kind, not caring enough to play with humans (They're… boring, most of the time.) Although he had a few run-ins with shady characters and a few… family problems, simply playing with what he pleased was sufficient enough to satisfy him-- yet fate decided to throw him for a loop: He met a human girl named Evelyn.

Attracted by her scent, James subconsciously began to protect her-- and killed her father-- growing increasingly more and more attached to her and… Not realizing this at all. After being with her for a few months, they "consummated" their relationship, James turning her before going on a hunting trip with her-- and eventually, yes, doing that "human mating thing". At this point, he's softened up very slightly, although he's still rather prone to enjoying his "games".


He's a vampire-- he's far stronger than a human, extremely agile, and well balanced. The sharpness of his senses is second only to the sharpness of his teeth, and he's not affected by temperature changes, although he's aware of the changes.

His healing is greatly accelerated, and it's extremely difficult to kill him, although exactly how fast he heals depends on the last time he's fed and the size of the wound. Finally, although according to his canon he isn't bound to only being awake at night, he's more tired during the day. Holy water, stakes, etc. don't have an effect on him.

Elegante Edit

You are here.

Relationships Edit

Kage: Gay for

Evelyn Grace: Canon-mate

Other Stuff, Links Edit


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