"Padre" (10:20:28 PM): Schu is my hero

"Jason" (10:20:28 PM): Here I was flirting with Padre for your amusement and you go and say "Puppy sucks at seduction"

"Padre" (10:20:32 PM): because she gets it from you

"Padre" (10:20:51 PM): fill me up like a diesel truck, Jason

hellotaifoot (10:20:56 PM): ....

"Padre" (10:21:03 PM): SHUDDAP TAI

"Padre" (10:21:06 PM): this is so happening

"Shei" (10:21:06 PM): .../snorted

"Schu" (10:22:52 PM): LOL

"Padre" (10:23:12 PM): win.

hellotaifoot (10:23:21 PM): owowow hurts to laugh

"Padre" (10:23:32 PM): /slowly killing Tai

"Jason" (10:23:33 PM): Sometimes I doubt your sincerity Padre.

"Jason" (10:23:39 PM): Or I doubt that you're joking.

"Padre" (10:24:02 PM): sometimes I doubt that I can survive another night without your sweet caress

"Padre" (10:24:17 PM): /flirtatiously bottoms

"Padre" (10:24:21 PM): ...go on, Jason

"Padre" (10:24:28 PM): you know what action you must type

"Schu" (10:24:32 PM): :3

"Padre" (10:24:55 PM): do it for the cat faced girl

hellotaifoot (10:25:01 PM): *ded*

"Jason" (10:25:17 PM): /reluctantly tops?

"Clo" (10:25:17 PM): I don't even

"Schu" (10:25:21 PM): \o/

"Jason" (10:25:30 PM): the real question is ...

"Jason" (10:25:33 PM): can you ignore my girth?

"Padre" (10:25:35 PM): YAY

"Padre" (10:25:37 PM): I CANNOT

"Padre" (10:25:44 PM): are you Gary Oak?

"Jason" (10:25:49 PM): YES!

"Jason" (10:25:51 PM): YOU WIN!

"Schu" (10:25:53 PM): GDIT YOU GUYS LOL

"Jason" (10:25:54 PM): for life

"Padre" (10:25:55 PM): THEN I CANNOT

hellotaifoot (10:26:38 PM): *godhasogsdgsadgsagsdg*

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