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Pornography or Bros? YOU MAKE THE CALL!!!!! Edit

All examples were cribbed from this trainwreck here.


In any other context, Exhibit B.

Exhibit A. Edit

That don't settle shit, kital.

[Kage snarls, reaching out to snatch the back of Chase's head and knot his rough hand in that thick, long blonde hair. ]

We did your game, now we're doin' mine.

[And he hauls Chase towards the _____, gaze dark and murderous.

Oh yes, they're going to play one of Kage's games now.]

Exhibit B. Edit

[He clenches the fist in Chase's hair just to cause the kid pain and then he hurls the kid forward to the _____.]

Get the fuck on. I'm gonna school you, kid.

[And Kage begins to unbutton his uniform jacket, face as serious as a cruise missile.]

Exhibit C. Edit

[Chase slammed into the ______ and stumbled; once he got his bearings he looked up at it and saw what it was. _____. _______ was Kage's game of choice!?]

[He gaped.]


....You're shitting me.

[It took him a moment, but he snapped out of it. Did Kage know what he was getting into, here? Chase stood on one of the _____ and took off his hoodie, tossing it to the side.]

One _______wasn't enough for you!?

Exhibit D. Edit

Ooh first mate

I would call this a triumph. (As would I. -P)

[Kage had years, inches and pounds of muscle on Chase, so when the kid started to ________ him, Kage burst out laughing and just ______. Chase was heavy, but he was strong and he managed it, hooked one arm under Chase's legs and--]

Oopsy-daisy, motherfucker!

Exhibit E. Edit

"Let's see how y'fare when ______ smacks y'in your face, kital."

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