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Keke is the epic fail mun, possibly most known for her epic typos. See: someone shot Rover, puter spae, angry mod, and Aso hu (gdmit Keke stop typo-ing your own typos -Tai).

She also uses an obnoxious pink font in chat called Kartika that looks HUGE to some people and tiiiiiiny to others. But then she did something fucked up with her computer and now it currently changes colors. But then the color changing went stupid and ugly and it's pink Kartika again. BUT THE COLOR FONT IS NOW FIXED and ttly back now yay. It's still Kartika though. NOPE IT'S BROKEN AGAIN. fml The font is now called Kentucky Fried Chicken (trufax). And still pink.

Elegante is her very first LJ RP, and when she joined, she posted in the wrong spot twice and friend added everyone to the wrong account. There are STILL character journals friended on her personal LJ. Go figure.

She's now become a fangirl of ~Craig Olejnik~ AND IT'S ALL JOC'S FAULT. Gdmt Joc

Keke is Padre's Scarecrow.

Keke is also yandere.

She can fucking time travel. We're all doomed.

She is the Wiki Wizard!

Characters Edit

Mimmi Kopanski: An OC. A German Jew from 1944. Hooraayyy. She was dropped once before 8D Also, her last name is Polish but who would know?

Ezekiel Lerish: An OC. A dumbass who used to be in a gang and likes to cook. He's technically married to a fish but not.

Jin: OC. A former Reaper and a buttmonkey. He's mute.

Gail Woodling: They're all OC's, k? An immortal human from medieval times who's also blind. She's kinda a creeper. And stalks Reiner. NO I DROPPED HER She came back :> And gone again :c

Araminta: She was here for like, a week and then I dropped her because I'm a failure.

Mary-Sue: OC. Doll. Spoilt brat. Don't talk to her. :| Dropped because I'm still a failure.

Kuzco: I HAVEN'T APPED HIM YET but I'm going too. Eventually. One day. Maybe.

Optimus Prime: I WAS GOING TO APP HIM/HER/IT but Fandom still terrifies me.

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