A 'Kekism' is a term used when Keke fails at something, most notably her notorious typos. She's incapable of going an hour without typo-ing. She's even known to typo her own typos. Her poor typing skills often spread to other poor, unfortunate muns, resulting in a typo epidemic. Two related strains of Kekaids are Taipos and Xherrors.

Kekism has now evolved into Kekaids. We are all fucked.

It has been determined that the only place safe from Kekaids is Madagascar.

Keke: When you become rich and famous you need to find a cure for kekaids
Naya: Kekaids cannot be cured.
Keke: Gdmt
Naya: And I shall tell you why.
Taisha: Kekaids even has a mutated strain
Taisha: <-- points to self
Naya: Screw Science Time with P, its Science Time with Naya
Naya: *sparkles*
Naya: Kekaids is a genetic mutation which causes horrible malfunctions in the connection between the brain and the fingers.
Naya: When one is exposed to Kekaids, or Kekenomilous Dysfunctia, one develops symptoms of spelling errors, horrible grammar, and in the most extreme of cases, sporadic moments of failure.
Naya: Scientists have studied Kekenomilous Dysfunctia for years, and have determined that the disease is purely neurological, settling in the frontal lobe.
Naya: In short. Keke is full of fail, nothing will fix the horrible infection that is Kekaids, and we are all fucked.

Kekaids also affects how you read.

Keke: dgdjsg wow i think im tired or something

Keke: i read 'salty bob' as 'salty boob'

Song: haha

Song: Kekaids not only affects how you type.

Song: It affects how you read things.

Keke: Apparently

Xhan: it's mutating.

Keke: It is always mutating

Song: Modern medicine can't keep up.

Keke: Srsly

Basically we're still fucked.

Kekaids is a recognized disease in Massachusetts, and you can avoid ringing on a cash register because of them.

Maddin: kekeaids slowly wears away at you until you cannot type correctly at all
Maddin: but word is you can slow its progress but admiting you have it
Maddin: the worst thing to do for it is to pretend you can type correctly, or to take typing classes to try and correct it
Ash: XD
Maddin: if you try to fix it, it gets violent. otherwise you can live a long, healthy life with kekeaids

Proof of the rampant disease known as Kekism, Taipos and Xherrors Edit

"And when Keke's Kekism infects Tai it becomes a Taipo and then eyvering thing gets confusing.... *everything" --Taisha

"Nanananana Batman! Vigilatiee to the rescue .... God mother fucking damnit jesus Keke. Vigilante*" --Ritz

"I was strippers." "tehre. ficed." "I was 1$"--Xhan

Current memorable typos are: Edit

Aso hu

Puter Spae

Angry mod

Someone shot Rover




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