Name: Lenny
Gender: Male
DoB: Sept. 12
Species: California Seagull
PB: A California Seagull presumably
Canon: OC
Room: 7265 (Deck 6)
Journal: Better than garbage
Player: Padre

Lenny is one of the more normal passengers... considering he's a bird HE IS TOTALLY NORMAL IN EVERY WAY LIKE REMY

About Lenny Edit

Characteristics Edit

A seagull is larger than a tern and has mostly white feathers. They fall under "creepy bird" category. Many gulls nest on beaches, sand dunes and salt flats. Once they hatch they stay close to the nest area. <--- Lenny in all his glory.

Mating Rituals of the Lenny Edit

He likes long walks on the beach, sunsets, and your mom. But not in a creepy sort of way, he would be quick to assure you; he just tends to get along with peoples' parents and grandparents. Often, they give him breadcrumbs. Quite kindly people, the elderly.


Or maybe that's ducks.

Well, Lenny thinks he's people, so Lenny thinking he's duck wouldn't be that far of a stretch.



The point is, Lenny is a lonely, lonely bird.


This is Lenny enjoying the good ship Elegante


Lenny and his badass dance crew.


Lenny nomming lunch


Lenny proving he is self-sufficient.

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