Bones is on a boat! And he really doesn't like it.

Leonard "Bones" McCoy
292px-Leonard McCoy (alternate reality)
This is Leonard McCoy.












8345 (Deck 05)


Star Trek Reboot


Not an Escalator



Canon Information Edit

Abilities/Powers: Really epic doctor skills. Also, is snark a special ability? Or swearing like a sailor? 'Cause he's got those, too.




Extra: He's a doctor, not an escalator.

Elegante Edit

Deaths: None yet!

Warnings & Punishments: None of these yet, either!

Relationships Edit

Riley Knight McCoy's drinking buddy. Riley was also McCoy's patient once; after she was attacked by Tony, McCoy patched Riley up. But she ended up killing herself anyway so she wouldn't have to heal. Bones wasn't too thrilled with this, but oh well.

Zee Zee may have cleared some things up for McCoy when he first arrived, but he's none too thrilled with the fact that she's a droid. Regardless, he's on board to help perform maintenance on her.

Hiccup That viking kid. Well, McCoy finds him pretty entertaining to talk to, and likes him well enough. They pretty much have different perspectives on everything ever.

Kara Makenna McCoy does not like this woman, but hell if their banter isn't fun. When McCoy was attacked by Bennett, Kara was the one who found him and pretty much saved his life. So...yeah. He's kind of grateful to her for that.

Andrew Wells McCoy's first encounter with Andrew was after he died, so it was a tad bit awkward. However, McCoy has a soft spot for this poor kid. He doesn't think he should beat himself up as much as he does.

Gregory House McCoy's doctor bro who pretty much saved McCoy's life after he was attacked by Bennett by telling Kara what to do. Yeah, they're pretty much bosom buddies. Like the Golden Girls but with PhD's.

Bennett Marrow Bennett sort of almost killed McCoy when he was a wolf. Which McCoy wasn't necessarily thrilled with. However, after talking to him since, McCoy has realized that Bennett is just a poor kid with an unfortunate curse. He plans to look into medical treatments for Bennett's disease.

Mimmi Kopanski That flowery poetry girl. McCoy doesn't much like her, but hey, she's just a kid.

Other Stuff, Links Edit


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