Sinking-ship This character is no longer on the boat. But they do have a rather lovely page, don't you think?
FE Lethe and a Feather by M1NAM1

"You are mine now, you accursed feather! ...What?"

(This character is played by Tilly-mun)

Name: Lethe -- LJ: fiery_kitty

Age: Appears to be about 17 to 20-yrs-old; is actually over a century

Race/Tribe: Laguz (Beast Tribe)

Abilities/Powers: She can transform into her laguz counterpart, a large, orange, panther-like feline.
Strength: Speed, tracking
Weakness: Fire/fire magic

Personality: Fierce, intimidating, stubborn, snobbish, determined, dislikes humans, has a soft spot for cute things, arrogant, stronger than she appears to be, easily angered, emotional at times.

Extra: Lethe is very stubborn and protective of her beliefs, and has a strong hatred for beorc ('pure humans'). She is a cat laguz ('beast person') commander back in her homeland, and is very strict to those under her. Her small stature hides the power hidden within her, and she strikes with blinding speed while transformed in her true form.

She is almost never separated from her friend Mordecai, a tiger laguz with a personality quite opposite from hers. Though he seems decades older, they share a special bond, like father and daughter. He is quite and peaceful, while she is fiery and rash.

After spending quite some time with Ike's company and other beorcs, she has finally begun to understand their ways, and to see both sides of the races' conflicting hatred. But that doesn't mean she tolerates everyone. She still has far to go before being completely peaceful.

Relationships Edit

Verg -- He's a strange one, alright. It's almost cute the way he tries to sneakily flirt with her, and his bragging all the time. But~ She wants to have someone as a temporary 'mate' while onboard the ship, and he just might impress/woo her enough that she'll accept.

Kevas -- He's a crazy, gigantic party guy. For someone who is, like, two feet taller than her, she doesn't really mind him all that much.

Catpaw -- Someone who looks just like a fellow laguz has her trust, of course. And that Cat is so friendly and nice is a big plus.

HazarShe's kinda spacy and obsessive sometimes, but not a threat.

LinkCan a human really be this innocent and oblivious? He reminds her too much of Commander Ike, so he's in good standing.

Edward E.He's a kid. She tries to be nice to young ones, but... He has an attitude.

Bryn -- A person who actually understood her beast speech while transformed? Better keep an eye on this one.

Events/Logs: Edit

[1st Strike] -- Lethe arrives on the MS Elegante.

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