A Litzi Fic is the abomination of nature that occurs when Litzi is in a creative mood and gets bullied into writing Elegante fanfiction. Common elements include tl;dr, butchering of characterization, butchering of Shore canon, and aging Lily up so she can make out with people. You have been warned.

B/Lily Edit

B/Lily is Litzi's current super OTP. They are meant to be. Arguing results in death and/or high-pitched protesting.

Erol/Lily Edit

Erol/Lily is the most awful thing ever, and should never be written again. This means Litzi will write it with some persuasion.

Lily/Blurr Edit

Lily/Blurr will ruin your childhood forever and ever.

  1. First Fic (November 24 2009)

BOAT: Repercussions of Fail Edit

The best fucking fic you will ever read in your life. It's a parody of DOOM: Repercussions of Evil.

  1. Only Fic | Wiki (November 27 2009)

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