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(This character is played by Tilly-mun)
Origins by Twisted Oddity by nintendo fc

Awww :3 It's Milly and Sagi in loooove~

Name: Milliarde "Milly" Baelheit -- LJ: noble_wings

Age: 18

Race/Tribe: Human

Since she is from the Sky, she has Wings of the Heart (hers are big, blue butterfly wings); can use Magnus in battle; Lightening/Ice/Fire magic.
Strength: Lightening affinity, speed, grace
Weakness: Physical attacks/moves

Personality: Bossy, stubborn, a bit of a brat, bossy, snobbish, arrogant, bossy, curious, girly, often violent, overly emotional, and did I mention bossy?

Extra: She is a strong-willed and surprisingly powerful girl that saves Sagi and Guillo during their escape from the empire and a first confrontation with Giacomo. Although her real name is Milliarde, she asks to be called simply Milly and claims that it was because she simply can't stand seeing people get hurt that she intervened.

It seems apparent that she has ulterior motives from the start, as she was sent by her father to verify whether Sagi was a spiriter or a maledieter. However, she falls in love with Sagi, confesses her past deed, and eventually becomes a welcomed member of the party. Despite being sent to "Magic School" in Anuenue and being brought up in a secluded and pampered aristocratic family, Milly often dreamed of adventure. She is a practical thinker and often slept through the more "impractical" classes during Magic School. During her early years she was chaperoned to and from school but often stopped at the "Nekkar Quietlands" to gather rocks and gaze at the changing color spring.

She is the daughter of Baelheit, and a product of machina infusion in humans, making her stronger than a normal human and a cyborg in the process. At the end of their journey she witnesses her father's death, her own origins and ultimately finds happiness at Sagi's side as they are wed and live in Mira with Duke Calbren. It is highly possible that Sagi and Milly are Lady Melodia's (the main antagonist in Eternal Wings) biological parents. The fact that Melodia seemingly has an inherent connection to Malpercio, as well as her phyisical appearance to both Sagi and Milly (particularly her true hair color, a shade of blue similar to that of Sagi) further support this theory.

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