Nashibaby, Quelquel, Mommy, "kawaii as fuck", HEY YOU!




December 7, 1985




Arizona, USA


and make believe with you

She apped and then she jumped ship and then she apped again and jumped ship AGAIN but she's back now ♥

About Edit

Nashi is a twenty-something-year-old living in sunny Arizona where it is currently A SHOCKINGLY PLEASANT SEVENTY-ODD DEGREES. She's the third of six children, and has three sisters and two brothers. Her youngest sister can quote all Erol's canon lines by heart, which makes Nashi very proud.

She likes to draw, write, roleplay (DUH) and play video games. She is currently learning web design.

Nashi on DrugsEdit


Characters Edit

Active Edit

  • Vincent Valentine: Romantically awkward desk worker assassin turned technologically inept angstmuffin demigod of anarchy.

Dropped Edit

  • North Chevalier: Cat-person-slave-thing from the future, where engineering cat-person-slave-things was socially acceptable.
  • Serge: Seventeen-year-old with the power of interdimensional travel, in the body of a giant talking cat thing.
  • Razer: One of the three best racers on his entire planet, and as gay as a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.
  • Verrim of the House of the Sun: HAD MAGICKAL POWERS. Was missing his arm and roughly 1/3 of either lung. Talked too much.
  • Link (Twilight Princess): Didn't last long, doesn't matter.
  • Mouse: Computer-world hacker bitch of AWESOME. Proves that not all redheads are psycho.
  • Moth: He's blue, he's emo, he can't speak. He's been dropped and apped a lot.

Trivia Edit


  • Is allergic to EVERYTHING.

    Not an accurate depiction. (BUT YAAAAAAAAAAAAY)

  • Irons clothes when stressed.
  • Still washes dishes by hand.
  • Has an unhealthy love for cephalopods.
  • Learned to read from the subtitles on fansubbed anime.
  • Has more fun coding tables in HTML than a normal human.
  • Is fucking terrified of basking sharks.

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